Kyle Werner, composer

Chamber/Solo Works

String Quartet No. 2  (2018)

Fantasia for Cello and Organ  (2018)

String Quartet No. 1  (2017)

Nativity Triptych, for brass trio, solo violin & organ  (2017)

Psalm 45, for piano trio  (2017)

Sonata for Violin and Piano  (2016)

Piano Trio  (2015)

Distant Fields, for solo piano  (2015)

"Love Divine" Variations, for solo flute  (2014)

Two Nativity Preludes, for brass quintet  (2014)

Tendrils, for English horn and bassoon  (2014)

Cyclades, for solo guitar  (2012)

Moot, for solo percussion  (2012)

Percussion Quartet  (2011)

Trajectories, for flute, cello, and piano  (2010)

Riverside, for wind quintet  (2009)

Panorama, for flute/piccolo, violin, marimba, and piano  (2009)

Forest Echoes, for violin and piano  (2008)

Three Sketches for Wind Quintet  (2007)

Prelude for Violin and Piano  (2006)




String Quartet No. 2


18 minutes

commissioned by Rod McFaull in memory of his son, Jordan McFaull

to be premiered November 15th, 2018 at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of music

Fantasia for Cello and Organ


8 minutes

composed for Joseph Lee and Chelsea Chen

String Quartet No. 1


4 movements

20 minutes

composed with the assistance of a grant from the Center for Faith & Work

Nativity Triptych

I. Gathering of the Shepherds and Magi

for trumpet, horn, trombone, and organ

II. Meditation on the Infant Christ

for violin and organ

III. A Light to the Nations

for trumpet, horn, trombone, and organ


15 minutes 

commissioned by Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, NYC


Psalm 45

for violin, cello, and piano


5 minutes

composed for the Kingston Trio for performance at the wedding of Silas & Cassia Farley

Sonata for Violin and Piano


3 movements

18 minutes

composed for Julie Castor Lawrence and Sohyun Ahn

Piano Trio

for violin, cello, and piano


3 movements

17 minutes

composed for Patricia Davis, Joseph Lee, and Stephanie Wu

Distant Fields

for solo piano


composed for the Sejong Music Competition

"Love Divine" Variations

variations on the hymn "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling"

for solo flute

composed for Pethrus Gärdborn

Two Nativity Preludes

for brass quintet


8 minutes

composed for the Axiom Brass



10 minutes

for English horn and bassoon

composed for Sasha Gee Enegren



for solo guitar


seven movements

25 minutes

composed for Jordan Dodson


for solo percussion


7 minutes

composed for Yumi Tamashiro

Percussion Quartet


8 minutes

composed for the Music11 festival

premiered by Matthew Duvall, Keith Hendricks, Katy LaFavre, and Clara Warnaar 


for flute, cello, and piano


composed for the Music10 festival

premiered by Pethrus Gärdborn, Nick Photinos, and Erika Dohi


for wind quintet: fl/pic, ob/e.h., cl, hn, bsn


9 minutes

composed for Windscape as a result of winning the Windscape Composer Competition at Manhattan School of Music


for flute/piccolo, violin, marimba, and piano


9 minutes

composed for the Music09 festival

premiered by Pethrus Gärdborn, Kana Kimura, Yu-Chun Kuo, and Lisa Kaplan

Forest Echoes

for violin and piano


composed for Miran Kim and Stephanie Wu

Three Sketches for Wind Quintet


8 minutes

composed for Pethrus Gärdborn, Brinin Kenney, Alison Mrowka, Sean Bresemann, and Brandon Blankenship

Prelude for Violin and Piano


5 minutes

composed for Joel Schut